Article 1- Name & Purpose

Section 1: Name
This Club shall be called the Rainier Bass Club, Tacoma, Washington.

Section 2:  Purpose
The purpose of the Rainer Bass Club shall be:

A. To stimulate public awareness of bass fishing as a major sport.

B. To offer our state Fish & Wildlife department our organized moral and political support and encouragement as is conductive to the warm water fisheries.

C.  To promote full adherence to all conservation codes and practices.

D. To promote good sportsmanship

E. To unify the voice of anti-pollution of valuable water resources.

F. To actively participate in matters of constructive conservation which concerns fishing waters.

G. To enhance the transfer of invaluable fishing information to individual members.

H. To encourage instruction and development of fishing skills.

I. To promote and encourage youth fishing and a love for this great recreation.


Article 2 - Membership

Section 1: Number of Members
The Club shall begin with and maintain at least six members. During the Club's first six months of existence, total general membership shall not exceed sixty members. After six months, this number may be altered by amendment.

Section 2: Requirements for Membership
To become an adult member, a person shall:
A. Voluntarily express a genuine interest in membership.
B. Be a member of B.A.S.S.
C. Be in full agreement with the Constitution and By-Laws
D. Be 17 years of age or older by August 31
E. Be willing to work on club projects and attend meetings. To become a junior member,a person shall:
F. Be between 11and 18 yea rs of age.
G. 17 years of age birthday before August 30.
H. Have a signed consent form from a parent or legal guardian.
I. Comply with adult club member requirements A & B.
J. Are non-voting members in Rainier Bass Club and may not hold any club office.
K. Junior members are not covered by the B.A.S.S. accidental death and dismemberment policy.

Section 3: Membership dues
Adult Membership shall be $100 annually, payable upon completion of a membership form. Of the $100, $30 will be for Federation Nation dues, $15 will be for the yearly B.A.S.S. membership and $30 goes to the State Federation President.  After the deductions the remainder $25 will be placed in the Rainier Bass Club nonprofit bank account.

As for the Junior Club,there will be an annually fee $40, payable upon completion of a membership form and a signed consent form from parent or guardian.


Section 3: Membership dues

Section l : Officers and Their Duties
The Officers of the Club shall comprise the Club's executive board and shall consist of:
A. President. The President duties include: general coordinator, presiding over all meetings,directing all official business, appointing and directing all committee functions, supervising all Club functions, planning the agenda for all Club meetings and presiding over all board functions and meetings.
B. 1st and 2nd Vice President. The 1st Vice President duties include: program chairman, planning the entertainment for each meeting, assisting the President in his duties and presiding in the absence of the President . The 2nd Vice President duties include: projects chairman, working and planning on various projects that the Club may wish to get involved in, selling Club merchandise and assisting in the collection of Club fees.
C.  Secretary/Treasurer. The Secretary/Treasurer's duties include: Public relations and fundraising chairman, maintaining accurate minutes of all meetings, maintaining accurate financial records and reporting at each meeting, being responsible for all monies of the Club and controlling overall income and expenses, including the payment of Club bills.

Section 2: Board Members and Their Duties
Club Officers (Executive Board) and the positions listed below (when filled) are members of the board that will normally meet one week before each Club meeting to discuss appropriate Club business and activities. Past Club Presidents are also considered members of the board. All Club members are welcome to participate in board meetings. However, board decisions are limited to board members only.
A. Membership Chairperson: The Membership Chairperson will be responsible for maintaining membership applications, coordinating membership drive activities, maintaining a record of each member showing activity such as attendance at Club meetings,tournaments and all Club functions.
B. Tournament Director: The Tournament Director will be responsible for planning and setting up the tournament schedule; enforcing Club tournament rules (see Article 5) and State Fishing Laws; selecting two members to be tournament officials for each tournament; setting up the point schedule to determine tournament winners, Club standing, Big Bass of the Year Award and Angler of the Year; planning any inter-Club tournaments and is in charge of ordering and presenting any trophies and/or awards.
C.  Conservation and/or Legislative Chairperson: The Conservation and/or Legislative
Chairperson will be in charge of any problems or projects that may arise,such as water pollution, rising of bass, etc.

Section 3: Election of Officers
First call for nominations of new Club Officers will be requested at the October Club meeting. Last call for nominations is at the November Club meeting. The election of Officers shall be held annually at the regular meeting during the month of November. Elections shall be held by
secret ballot by the simple majority of members present.

Section 4: Selection of Board Members
Members of the board shall be selected by the Executive board,presided over by the President.

Section 5: Voting Eligibility
Each adult member in good standing is entitled to one vote.  Proxy votes are not permitted.

Section 6: Term of Office
The term of office is for two years, which shall begin on January 1st and end on December 31.

Section 7: Vacancies
In the event of an office becoming vacant, nominations shall be requested and an election held at the next meeting to fill the unexpired term of the individual vacating the office. If this is not feasible, the Executive board may appoint an individual to fill the vacancy.

Section 8: Eligibility of Holding Office
To be eligible for an office, a member must:

A.   Have been an adult member for at least six months (six months requirement waived during the first twelve months of Club existence).
B. Have attended at least 100% of the Club meetings and attend 100% of the Club functions.


Article 4: Method of Amending the Constitution and By-Laws

The Constitution and By-Laws may be amended at any regular meeting by a 2/3 vote of the adult members present, providing written notice of the proposed amendment has been presented to the membership at least one regular meeting prior to the vote. Voting will be by show of hands or by ballot.


Article 5: Affiliation with B.A.S.S. Federation Nation of Washington

Section 1: Requirements for Affiliation

1. Approval of Chapter Charter by B.A.S.S.
2. Update B.A.S.S. with Chapter membership roster once each year upon receipt of current B.A .S.S. roster at year's end.
3. Names and addresses of new members joining the Chapter during the year must be submitted to B.A.S.S. as they occur.
4. Maintain 100% B.A.S.S . membership.
5. Must maintain affiliation with B.A.S.S. Federation Nation of Washington.


Article 6 - Tournament Fishing Rules

Section 1: General Tournament Rules

1.  All contestants must be paid up members of the RBC.

2. Pairing,fishing hours (8 hours per tournament day), starting point, drawing for starting positions and weigh-in area will be announced at the regular RBC meeting prior to the tournament(s).  The acting tournament director and present board members may later modify the tournament fishing hours for safety reasons. No prefishing is allowed after the Sunday immediately before all Club tournaments, except for Club tournament held the same weekend as Club money tournaments with no lake off-limits period.

3. Tournament contestants must sign up for the tournament draw on the night of the regular RBC meeting preceding the tournament . If you are not signed up,you cannot fish in the tournament . Meeting attendance is not required to sign up. Entry fee will be $30 per tournament for adults and $25 per tournament for junior members and must be paid on the night of the regular RBC meeting preceding the tournament . If you pay on tournament day there will be a $10 late fee accessed . If you do not pay, you cannot fish . Anyone signing up for a tournament and then not showing up will forfeit the entry fee unless his partner and the Tournament Director have been notified. Of this provision is met,the fee will be applied to the next tournament.

4. There will be a 75% payout to the top three finishers in the draw tournament series. The RBC will retain the other 25%. For the 75% payout the breakout is as follows:
1st Place - 50%
2nd Place - 30%
3rd Place - 20%
You must catch fish to receive a payout. Unawarded place money is retained in the RBC general fund.

5. All boaters are required (by law) to sign a zebra mussel disclaimer statement for all Club tournaments.  Boaters must sign the statement at the same time they sign up for a tournament .

6. There will be a 12-inch minimum size limit on all bass weighed in; unless a lake has a larger minimum size limit, in which case the larger size limit will be the RBC tournament limit.

7. There will be a five fish limit per person.

8. Fish will be measured on a flat board with mouth closed.

9. Fish may not be physically altered (i.e.fins  or tail clipped, etc).

10. Points will be awarded with the following rules: Winner will receive 300 points. The scoring will decrease in a ten-point increment from first place to last place. 300,290, 280, 270, etc... An angler(s) having no fish to weigh will receive the last respective place points, which is 10 points less than the lowest place with weighed fish. In the event of penalties, big fish will be the deciding factor. If big fish ties,the largest bag will be the deciding factor. Tiebreakers for 1st through 3rd will be resolved for all events, if fish are caught.  Standing ties will be resolved for 1st through 10th for individuals and 1st through 3rd for the team series. Winner will be determined by the most weight for one of the two days fished (best day).

11. A contestant will forfeit the total weight of the largest fish for each fish that does not meet the size restrictions in Rule 6. A contestant may request a courtesy measurement before weighing the fish. Fish that do not meet the size restrictions in Rule 6 will not be weighed. A quarter-pound will be subtracted from each dead fish, as determined by the Tournament Officials.

12. A 5-point penalty will be assessed for each fish to boat/fisherperson(s) not being in the immediate checkpoint area at the prescribed check-in time, up to a time limit of 10 minutes. Anyone more than 10 minutes late will not have their fish weighed and will receive last place minus 10 points. Draw tournament contestants and at least one team member must be present at weigh-in to weigh their fish.

13. Trolling or the use of live or prepared bait is prohibited during a RBC tournament and for big bass of the year. Motor controlled drifting is allowed.

14. All boats must have love wells or suitable containers with aerators and should use Jungle Juice or other fish relaxant in them.  No stringers allowed.

15. A Club cap,jacket or shirt should be worn during Club tournament s. At least one piece of Club clothing must be worn at weigh-in. Club members in violation at weigh-in shall forfeit  10 points.

16. Safe boating and good sportsmanship are expected of everyone. All infractions should be reported to tournament officials as soon as possible. All boats will have approved safety devices and all contestants will wear Coast Guard approved life preservers when the big engine is operating. Any RBC tournament participant may consume no alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs during tournament hours. Any tournament rule violation or act of a member that reflects unfavorably on the RBC will result in disqualification.

17. Contestants must hook and play their own fish. All fishing and landing of fish must be conducted from a tournament  boat.

18. Department of Fish & Wildlife rules will be adhered to except in those instances where RBC rules are more stringent. According to State Law, all tournament boats must display the required contest banner.

19. Decisions of the Tournament Director will be final. The Tournament Director may request support and/or opinions from available RBC board members.

20. No pets or animals allowed

21. Tournament contestants leaving before weigh-in must notify another tournament contestant. Club members in violation will not be allowed to fish in Club tournament s for the rest of the year unless there are emergency extenuating circumstances ,which can be submitted in writing to the board for their consideration.

22. Any co-angler not paying their boater a reasonable, agreed upon share of boat gas and oil cost and launching fees is disqualified from that tournament and from fishing in future Club tournaments until the boater is paid in full.  If the boater is not paid by the end of that tournament season, the co-angler will not be allowed to renew their Club membership. Any dispute between a boater and co-angler over the reasonable sharing of boat costs should immediately be brought to the Tournament Director's attention for resolution .

Section 2: Open/Family Tournament Rules

All general rules pertaining to regular RBC tournaments will apply to Open/Family tournaments with the following exceptions or clarifications:

1. One person fishing per boat team must be a current RBC member (junior or adult). There is no limit to the number or age fishers allowed per boat team, except that all safety regulations and boat restrictions must be observed. DO NOT OVERLOAD YOUR BOAT.

2. There will be a five fish limit per boat team. All fishers per boat are considered the boat team.

3. Entry fee will be TBD per boat team per tournament and must be paid by a Club member on the night of the regular RBC meeting preceding the tournament. Boat teams will enter the tournament under a Club's member's name. If you have not paid,your team cannot fish. Anyone signing up for a tournament and then not showing up will forfeit the entry fee unless that tournament Director has been notified. If this provision is met, the fee will be refunded.

4. The entering Club member must sign zebra mussel disclaimer statement for their boat team.  The RBC member,if not the person operating the boat, is accountable to ensure the statement's accuracy.

5.   There will be a 75% payout to the top three finishing boat teams.  The RBC will retain the other 25%.  For the 75% payout the breakout is as follows:
1st Place – 50%
2nd Place – 30%
3rd Place - 20%
You must catch fish to receive a payout. Unawarded place money is retained in the RBC general fund .

6. All tournament boats must display the required contest banner. No alcoholic beverages or drugs may be consumed by any tournaments participants during tournament hours. Any tournament rule violation by a boat team member will result in disqualification of the entire boat team,as decided by the Tournament Director.

7. Entered boat teams may not add additional or different fishers after tournament start time. It is permissible to reduce the number of fishers during the tournament .

8. A RBC member who was part of the original boat team must remain in the boat for the tournament duration.  Any boat team without one of their stating RBC member will not have their fish weighed.  RBC members are responsible to ensure that his/her boat tea, complies with all tournament  rules.

9. The tournament Director will be selected at the regular Club meeting immediately preceding the tournament .

10. Tournament  results do not count towards any annual points/club standing.  Caught fish do not count for the annual big fish award.

Section 3: State team prize winnings

1. As is how the Rainier Bass Club spends no funds on the RBC State Team. All prizes (money and trophies) are the property of the members of the RBC State Team .

Section 4: Conditions

1. Trophies, plaques and other non-monetary prizes will be held and displayed by the Rainer Bass Club.

2. All monetary prizes will be distributed to the members of the RBC State Team less applicable taxes with-in 30 days or the next regular Club meeting whichever comes first.

3. If the members of the RBC State Team do accept any items and or monies from the Rainier Bass Club's general fund the above stated rules are void for the calendar year of B.A.S.S. Federation Nation of Washington Qualifier Series that those items were accepted.

4. These rules do not apply individual RBC State Team members who have advanced passed the B.A.S.S. Federation Nation of Washington Qualifier Series and on to the Regional,National and Bass Master Classic competitions.