Rainier Bass Club - Membership Form

Provisions of Memberships and Release of Liability
The Rainier Bass Club is a non-profit organization located in Tacoma, Washington.
Liability: By submitting this form club members, spouses, children and guests assume a risk as related to the events held by the Rainier Bass Club including but not limited to those activities that involve the risk of serious personal injury, illness, permanent disability, dismemberment and death and that also involve the risk of severe economic and property loss and damage. Members understand that these risks may result
from the actions, negligence, fault, omission and failure to act of themselves and others, sponsors, organizers, club officers and volunteers of Club activities and from the rules of play, the challenges of the events and the condition of any property, facilities or equipment used. Members, spouses, children and guests also understand that there may be risks involved which are not known to them or to the distributors, sponsors, organizers and other volunteers, may not be foreseen or reasonably foreseeable by any of them or us at this time or at the time of any Club activity. By submitting this form members, spouses, children and guests of members agree to assume all risks and accept personal responsibility for any injury or damages that may occur as a result of participation in any club activity which includes tournaments, meetings, picnics, parties and other activities not listed here and hereby release, hold harmless and forever discharge, the Rainier Bass Club, all sponsors, volunteers, tournament officials and club officers from any and all liability.
By submitting this from you and your family members and/or guests agree to be bound by and comply with all rules rules and regulations as outlined in the Rainier Bass Club by-laws and other requirements as listed in club information.

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